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Lorde - homemade dynamite remix - lupa j

lupa.j it's hot and sunny and gross but we are here and we are gonna get a good spot at lorde 😅💦💃 lol first time ever we've waited early for a concert save us #sohmusic #lorde

Lupa J Nov 22 2017


My Lorde remix is now up on triple j Unearthed for their remix comp!! I only decided I was gonna commit to doing this about a week ago, (entries close tonight) so my attitude while making it kinda had to be go hard or go home. I have had more than one teary listen to Melodrama so this was really cool to be able to get my hands into.  Thanks unearthed, ur amazing.

Lupa J  Oct 15 2017



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Taking her original EP and throwing it into the hands of some of Australia’s most exciting emerging artists, LUPA J has shared an entire remix EP with reworks from the likes of Marcus Whale, OK SureLand Systemsmara and elkkle.  From the thumping frenetic rave of Land System‘s take on “Game,” to the eerie rework of “Numb” courtesy of mara, this EP delves into new territory with LUPA J‘s originals. OK Sure injects some intricacy and percussion into “Philomela,” whilst elkkle and Marcus Whale both take on “Teeth and Loud Talk”.  Challenging, captivating and continuously pushing sonic boundaries, LUPA J has curated an almighty body of work that hears her in new ways.

Lauren Payne - Purple Sneakers - Oct 2016  


woodes -The thaw- remix


Lupa J’s remix of Woodes “The Thaw” is both dazzling and outlandish.  Australian phenom and classically trained violinist-turned-producer Lupa J puts her wavy, experimental stamp on “The Thaw” in her official remix of the Woodes single. The track has an eerie, ominous introduction in which Lupa J processes Woodes’ vocals for dramatic effect as airy synths give off a dreamlike feel. The song then progresses into some hard-hitting electro as heavy synths and punchy drums take the song in a very different, energy-infused direction.

Adrian Berger – Nest HQ – September 2016


kalacoma - knives- remix


Sydney and Melbourne come together for some glitchy goodness, with Lupa J taking control of Kalacoma‘s enticing single “Knives” and putting her flair to the original. Taking it to a dense and gorgeous aural sphere bands like Radiohead occupy so well, the production and delivery of “Knives”, as a musical piece, bleeds intrigue and eccentricity... Lupa J’s rework has her push the track into areas a little outside the box. All the trippy influences felt on the original are giving further definition and are given extra colour here.

Sosefina Fuamoli – The AU Review - Single of the Day – Feb 2017