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A House I Don't Remember continues Lupa J's obsession with warped and distorted electro-pop, with haunting vocals cutting through thick bass-lines and heavy synth work on EP highlights including the dark opening single Keep Back and the heaving thumper Ring Empty... Lupa J really digs into her influence in Grimes (who she supported live) and FKA Twigs, haunting with her warped vocal presence and airy productions, which on singles such as All Talked Out, feel semi-reminiscent to work by Björk and her trusted producer Arca.

Hayden Davies - Pilerats - Oct 2017

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This diary-entry perspective reveals throughout My Right Name, as Lupa J’s haunting vocals untangle from the dark-edged industrial-wasteland clatter. Her songwriting prowess rises in self-assurance as the EP progresses, with closing pair — the title-track and “Teeth and Loud Talk” — both matching pop-grandiose with an unshakable vocal centrepiece. 

Johnny Nail - Rolling Stone - July 2016


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With her debut single 'Statues' having been met with critical acclaim back in June, it seems this, her debut EP, is likely to follow suit; its five tracks each atmospheric and beautifully understated, harbouring a rich vein of melancholy running throughout. Lupa's foray in to the world of electronica doesn't mean she's left behind her orchestral roots, instead incorporating her violin to work in tandem with the crisp percussion and understated synth loops, making for a particularly compositionally interesting record.  Everything about 'The Seed' is understated and there's very little in the way of instrumentation. As such, those moments which do swell seem to come out of nowhere, bursting with life and turning an otherwise icy palette technicolour. And whilst she might not have truly found her sound just yet, the promise shown by 'The Seed' is enough to make us very excited about what's to follow. 

Dave Beech - Little Indie Blogs - Oct 2014