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pull me under

[Pull Me Under] is one of her darker and more club-bound singles, contrasting light, twinkling synth with a thick bass synth that seems to swallow the rest of the single (in a good way), which when combined with her soothing vocals over the top, creates an over-sensory, maximalist adventure that's easily amongst her most experimental.

Pilerats - June 2019

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The Crash

She's been teasing it with a range of different singles that show the many sides of the sophisticated, multi-faceted musician, and The Crash keeps the momentum going in great, great style. It's a single that's a touch quicker and perhaps hectic than those thus far, with this quick-firing synth melody meeting rapid, crashing percussion and lush layering to create this very maximalist, in your face kinda vibe.

Pilerats - March 2019

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‘You’re In My Headphones’ is one of Lupa J’s best releases to date. The crisp composition struts with a charismatic confidence and persuasive production. The underlying production promenades with an unparalleled groove, resulting in a robust foundation for the single’s lavish lyrics. Forged through magnetic hooks and an ingenious top line, Lupa J’s vivacious vocals gradually grow, flooding the soundscape with succulent semblance.

Lupa J is certainly one of Australia’s strongest indie pop acts. Be sure to stay in the loop with the muso’s movements.

Futuremag Music - Nov 2018

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The track possesses a real aura of confidence, of wilful and proud individuality that happily shares the spotlight with a groundedness in love and humanity; leaving the song to flow like a soothing balm as it talks about battling through adversity to come out even stronger.

Mark Buckley - Analogue Trash (U.K) - September 2018



Lupa J's latest track, "Moth," explores the way young women are drawn to damaging images of perfection in the media.  "Moth" is a haunting song that describes the overwhelming experience of being confronted with advertising images that objectify women to sell clothes and makeup. "Girls on billboards laughing/ Silence, hysterical and lasting/ Me, with my creased hands/ They know I can't speak back from here," chants Lupa J over frantic percussion and eerie synths. The accompanying video is a striking metaphor for how we can lose ourselves in the quest for an impossible perfection.
"Moth" is taken from Lupa J's A House I Don't Remember EP, a record that demonstrates her flair for catchy electro-pop with a dark, beating heart. On this record, she succinctly expresses the struggles that young women face in 2017, and we can't wait to see what she does next.

Molly McLaughlin - BUST Magazine - Nov 2017

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The near four and a half minute track is everything Lupa J is about! Premiering on Triple J last week, Keep Back is an ethereal, worldly club hit driven by a real thumping electronica backbeat, a thrilling vocal range and real, deeply relevant lyrics about the two-way street in relationships and the reality of neglecting yourself while giving it all to others.  Keep Back is a wicked single in every form with a rollercoaster ride and satirical taste to boot!

Cassandra Thompson - Amnplify - Aug 2017

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Not only is this track dreamy and danceable, but it's also politically charged and powerful. It’s a serious feminist message wrapped up in an electronic indie bow, decorated with glittery vocals and heavy drums and synths. It’s the kind of song that will have you slowly spinning beneath the lights of the dance floor, but not before thinking twice about the lyrics.

Rowan Montgomery - Wickedd Childd - Mar 2017



The song encapsulates the multifaceted sides of Jones. The production work is stunning and hypnotic, akin to the brooding soundscapes of The xx. The incorporation of strings adds a dramatic and haunting vibe that furthers draws you, similar to the captivating power of Laura Marling. Her vocals, meanwhile, have that rare sultry yet crippling tone a la Daughter’s Elena Tonra. The song is simply spectacular. The rest of the EP, for that matter, is pretty special by a young artist who has only scratched the surface of her potential. Stardom is inevitable for Jones.

Ben Yung - The Revue - Sept 2016


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There are far too many talented teenagers going around releasing absolutely on-point music, and making us 20-somethings feel very insecure with our life choices!  Australia's 18-year-old Imogen Jones, aka Lupa J, fits perfectly into this category, and is currently finishing school as well as releasing absolutely killer songs.  Her latest single "Numb" is a gloriously textured, electronic piece of auditory heaven with a distinct pop-sensibility about it.

Donna Arendse - Indie Shuffle - Mar 2016


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dirty skin

Lupa J returns with this seductive, rich offering of dark electro-pop. I’ve been particularly captivated by the sensual melody, and the instrumental layers that pull and tug at the atmosphere from all sorts of tonal angles. Playing with echoes and harmonies stretch the melody out even more, anchored down by increasingly industrial synths and percussive rhythms. For a 17-year-old, this is bloody impressive.

Emma Jones & Lauren Ziegler - Howl & Echoes - Oct 2015

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Applying her violin-trained upbringing to direct, heady pop, Sydney newcomer Lupa J takes a step up with ‘Armour’. A couple of years back, aged just fifteen, she picked up comparisons to Lorde - simply on merit of being young and having an eye for reinventing the pop wheel. ‘Armour’ sees her settling into her skin, giving strings a lease of life in gloomy, neon-lit territory.

Jamie Milton - DIY - Aug 2015

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'Quiet Here'' is a prime example of all Lupa's talents working together in harmony. The string arrangement, played by Lupa herself, fits perfectly with the electronic production, while her enchanting voice tells a story of impossible love. Despite the topic, an uplifting sense builds up and culminates when she plays a violin solo towards the end of the track. A great alt-pop tune that I believe is a good introduction to her music.

Georgi - Stereofox - Jan 2016

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Waiting for her

At just 17 years old, Sydney artist Imogen Jones is a talent whose musical maturity far exceeds her age. Currently completing her final year of high school at Sydney's Conservatorium of Music, Jones is already carving out a name for herself with her work under the alias Lupa J.  Having already released an EP as well as a number of standalone tracks, Jones is now set to expand her growing reputation with new single "Waiting For Her." A delicate, brooding piece of work, the track possesses incredible balance, which could be due to her classical training. Simply put, it's intelligent, engaging pop music at its best.

Hugh McClure - Indie Shuffle - Feb 2015



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We first disclosed the 16-year-old to our listeners a half a year ago with her breakout song, "Eyes Unclouded", and today, she's back with a brand-new, equally remarkable offering in "Statues". With the incredible technology that is so easily accessible today, many people can become excellent producers with little to no musical background. However, Lupa's vast knowledge about classical violin places her in a different category than most, and the way that she incorporates the particular instrument into her work is exceptional. Her prowess is made blatantly obvious throughout the piece, and the coalescence of her violin with electronic percussion and subtle synths creates a unique vibe that we're really digging. In addition, Lupa's sophisticated vocals (which compliment the instrumental brilliantly) act as the final cherry on top of the piece by securing the seamlessness of the track, and with them, we've another bit of fuel to add to our growing obsession of her sound.

Cole Ryan - Hillydilly - June 2014

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Eyes unclouded

She goes by Lupa, her real name being Imogen Jones, and she is only 15 years old. The classically trained violinist from Sydney started using her violin skills and mixing them with drum beats creating her new love, songwriting. This might be the most wonderful thing about her, Lupa writes, records, and produces all of her music in her bedroom at home. Her beautifully stunning indie/electronic sound has a laid back approach with a twist of eeriness. Her song “Eyes Unclouded” has lyrics of someone way beyond Lupa’s years. The story is simple and sweet, believing someone is perfect until you see who they really are when you look closely. The mix of violins, Lupa’s synthetic voice, and the electronic melodies make this song intoxicating to the ears. Cannot wait to see where this young artist goes.

Bryn Carter - The Music Ninja - 2014


The infinite colour

Marking out Alt-J, Grimes and Radiohead amongst others as key influences, her three tracks on Soundcloud certainly pay tribute to Claire Boucher, and Daughter, another of her inspirations. A classically trained violinist, her music shows a keen knowledge of harmony; The Creature is a choppy, whirlwind of Jones’ stunning vocals and a Grimes-esque chorus section which, if truth be told, lacks a little gusto in the production at times, yet showcases a wealth of talent and potential. The track that really caught my attention is the folkier The Infinite Colour, that’s less quirky electronica, and more just out-and-out intelligent pop. Despite a few issues surrounding production, the talent is undoubtedly there, and with time (which Lupa has plenty of) and perhaps a little direction, there’s no predicting just how far Lupa could go.

Josh Dalton - Crack in the Road - Oct 2013