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LUPA J is thrilled to announce she'll be opening for this pair of badass artists at their 19th June Sydney show at the Oxford Art Factory.  Not to be missed.






Lupa J brings a brooding, experimental flavour to her latest EP, A House I Don’t Remember, and it was out in force for her EP launch party at the Chippo Hotel this past Saturday. Saturday saw her pack out the Chippo’s basement space with bodies and bass, and some incredible support acts in Gussy and HVISKE, who set the tone for a night of raw emotion and heavy beats.   Lupa’s band did an amazing job supporting her with massive drum tracks and distorted strings, breathing life and dynamism into the performance. On stage, Lupa J commands your attention; she’s focused, emotive, restrained and yet mesmerising to watch. The comparisons with Lorde are unmistakeable: They’re both young, female, experimental art-pop-EDM performers, producers and writers, with a similar vocal tone.  It’s possible this breakout EP launch could be a rare intimate view of the band before they blow up with their rumoured upcoming album. Her fan-base, the building radio hype, her production and songwriting skills mean Lupa J won’t be on the fringes for long, so see her while you can. She is destined for much bigger things than the Chippo basement.

Ashley Bell - Music Insight - Nov 2017

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Lupa J's a classically trained violinist who produces electronic indie music. Her technical skill partners beautifully with her flair for production. This set was a standout because of the sheer power behind each element of the performance. Lupa J possesses a powerful voice and impressive precision on the violin. If ever you get the chance to see Lupa J perform live, make sure you don’t miss it.

Olivia Gliku - Highlights from Bigsound - The Creative Issue - Sept 2017

A neon beam of weird charisma with shades of The Knife’s Karin Dreijer Anderson in her vocals, Lupa J closed her Tuesday night set with this cut-glass banger - Keep Back.

Caitlin Welsh - 9 Aussie Singles that Killed at Bigsound - Music Insight - Sept 2017


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NGV Friday nights with dior



k. flay tour

The support act Lupa J delivered her own unique blend of musical mastery. The 19-year-old classically trained violinist turned electronic musician, beautifully smashed the mournful tone of the violin with a heart pounding synth. Lupa J is gifted in the art of storytelling, demonstrating just as much musical maturity as the main act. Her dramatic sci-fi inspired makeup; powerful body movements and poetic lyrics magnetized the mingles, pumping everyone up for the performance to come.

Mikaela Knight - Review K.Flay @ Rosemount - Grok Online - May 2017



Tegan & sara SYD & MELB



18-year-old Australian indie-electro prodigy Lupa J had early arrivers (including the night’s headliners) enthralled with her unique, violin-infused electro tunes, offering the perfect warmup. With such a defined grasp of performance and composition at such a young age, Lupa’s future stardom seems nearly destined.

Brenton Harris - Review Tegan & Sara 170 @ Russell St - musicfeeds.com.au - July 2016

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sarah blasko tour

Lupa J's breathy indie femininity meets electro was Blasko as she began, while Jack Colwell's theatrical rock meets cabaret meets something new is Blasko in more recent times. Both supports were really solid in their own right — so not to make this about Blasko tributes and comparisons — but let's just say it was lovely to have such consistency in the bill overall. The clear, shared musical sensibilities between the headliner and her supports made finding new sounds while waiting for the main act a joy. Love when that happens.

Liz Guiffre - Sarah Blasko @ The Enmore - The Music - Apr 2016

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It seemed most people had waited until Grimes’ set to enter; I was in my row all by myself for the supports which was a shame, because Lupa J and Hana are both excellent performers. 17-year-old Sydney girl Lupa J wowed the crowd with her sultry, dark electronic songs. Singles ‘Quiet Here’ and ‘Dirty Skin’ were received best by the crowd (probably due to their familiarity) but the whole set was very impressive. Even though she was opening for someone who was clearly a huge inspiration in her music, Lupa J remained professional which was remarkable to see in someone so young. As I have said before about her, it will be very interesting to see where she can go from here.

Georgia Griffiths - Casual Band Blogger - Feb 2016